The point of this fast is to prepare our hearts and spirits for the upcoming year. We have had our own revelations and many confirmations from local and national prophetic voices that agree there is a storm coming and a shaking both in the Body of Christ and in our nation, USA. We aren’t sure of the timing but some have suggested this will start the fall months of 2023.  Because of this, we feel it is very important that we are secure in our hearing and positioning for both the shaking and instruction from the Lord regarding our homes, families, church home, state and national governments. This will encourage us to stand firm and not walk in fear. We also encourage you to find a prayer partner who will pray alongside of you, maybe gathering together on the phone or in person sometime during the fast to encourage each other and discern your hearing. If you receive a word or dream from the Lord for our church during this time, please submit it to Pastor Bill and Ruth so they can join you in praying and discerning the word.

Finally, this fast aligns with the Feast of Trumpets and ends with Yom Kippur. The Feast of Trumpets is the start of the new year called Rosh Hashanah leading us into the Hebrew year 5784. This is a critical and strategic time to fast as it set us on God’s timeline and we can align ourselves to His plans and purposes on the earth.

We are not setting the criteria for this fast, you need to determine with the help of the Holy Spirit what that looks like for you. Please consider joining us on this fast. If you’d like daily reminders and prayer points, and you are already signed up for our text messages just send us a message and let us know you are joining us!