Date                                               Declarations / Prayer points                         Prayer Targets

Friday, September 15Rosh Hashannah, Feast of Trumpets This is about aligning our head in the direction God will have us take.  Know who you are in Jesus Christ: Declarations: 2 Corinthians 5:17 John 1:12 Galatians 3:13 Joshua 1:8Blow Shofar. Reflect on times this last year you felt far from God- Ask the Holy Spirit for restoration. Repent and remember the goodness of God. What burdens need to be cast upon Jesus? Use this day to pray for personal repentance and revelation.  
Saturday, September 16Rosh Hashannah Declarations: 2 Corinthians 5:17 John 1:12 Galatians 3:13 Joshua 1:8  Pray for Desert Springs, repentance for when we were far away from Him, disobedient, or not tuned in for His direction, or complaining. Ask Him to restore us as a body and for us to see His glory fill our HOME.
Sunday, September 17Rosh Hashannah You are the Head and not the tail Psalm 28:7-9 Declare that we are inscribed and sealed for a good year in Christ JesusBlow Shofar. Ask the Holy Spirit to order your year ahead? Reflect and write down what things He is speaking over you, scriptures, and insight He is giving you.
Monday, September 18 Anoint your home with oil and your door posts. Walk your property and ask God to send angels to stand guard. Declare that “For you and your house, you will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15.
Pray over many generations that will follow you that they too will serve the Lord and Know Him intimately.
Declare that you, your spouse, your children and their children will know identity in Christ Jesus.
Repent for generational sins as the Holy Spirit reveals them.
Your family/ your home
Tuesday, September 19 If you have time, drive around the church or go in and pray.
Pray a protection over Pastor Bill and Ruth, Colton Iske, Amanda Thomas and Adam Ornales. Pray that they will have all wisdom and understanding in matters regarding church.
Pray for all the people of Desert Springs that we would walk uprightly and full of the Holy Spirit.
Declare that we will accomplish all that God has destined for US AND WE WILL SEE THE GLORY OF THE LORD.
Desert Springs
Wednesday, September 20 Declare over the Body of Christ that they will walk uprightly before the Lord and will be called a friend of God.
Declare that the church will be Bold and Courageous, and clean out the evil lurking in our churches.
Declare that the church will rise up in their pursuit of Jesus.
Body of Christ
Thursday, September 21 Declare
-Righteousness will be our Anthem in Arizona.
-That our state government will be cleansed of all injustice
-Pray over our borders N, S, E and W and that Arizona’s borders are secure.
Ask for Angel’s to be dispatched to protect and help at the Southern Border. That all wickedness and trafficking will be exposed.
Pray protection over our First Responders.
Pray for divine encounters for those in leadership that they will come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
Friday, September 22 Repent over the sins of the nation allow the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer and pray whatever comes up in your spirit.USA
Saturday, September 23 Declare-
Sunday, September 24 Take Communion over our home church and ask God to paint our walls with His Glory. Ask that he would bring us those who He has called to help us accomplish all that He has planned for us. Ask the Holy Spirit how to pray and follow His lead. Desert Springs
Monday, September 25 This is all about you and Him.
Declare over yourself that you are the Head and Not The Tail.
Ask God to prepare you to hold the new wine of His heart and that this year the year of the OPEN DOOR (5784) will be a year the heavens are opened over you and you hear in new ways. Ask Him to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire as you enter the new.
Your own heart/ request the new wine.
Take communion as you finish up this fast

Tuesday, September 26- Yom Kipper- Day of Atonement-