How to Stay Connected!

We are certainly in uncharted water. We thank God that He calms storms and speaks peace into our hearts. 

As a measure of honor, we will be responding to the president’s request to stay in groups of less than 10 for the next two weeks more if needed. This makes church a little more complicated for us. However, this is only for a few weeks and we know God can do wonderful things in your home, in your family and in you during this time of physical separation.
This is how church is going to look for us in the next few weeks! It’ll be fun 🙂

Pastor Bill will be calling in and checking in on you for the next few weeks. If you have prayer requests or needs, you can call Pastor Bill or Ruth, the church at 348-0212 and leave a message, you can email us at, you can reply text on the church text alerts, or you can email us on instagram or Facebook. 

We will be releasing a prerecorded message once a week for you. This will be Pastor Bill sharing what the Lord has put on His heart for this week. You can find this on our YOUTUBE channel.

We will also be releasing some worship tracks so that you can worship at home. You can find these on our youtube channel as well. We really encourage you to set a time and gather your family together and attend worship service together in your living room. Invite Jesus into your home and watch the atmosphere shift. 

Midweek, we’ll also be releasing a children’s church message and activity on the page. 

Make sure you subscribe and join us in spirit and in heart! We love you and look forward to what God is going to do in your homes over the next couple of weeks or for as long as we need.